Carpet Installations

Quality installation can protect and extend the life of carpet, and conversely, a poorly executed installation can do just the opposite. In addition to protecting the life of your carpet, the method of installation can be integral to the design of the space.

Carpet can be installed in numerous and imaginative ways, creating unique design elements within the space.

The logistics of the space and the product, as well as the design on the floor are all factors in determining method of installation. Details like seaming requirements, pattern match, maintenance conditions, and the nature and intensity of traffic are important considerations.

Familiarity with installation methods is essential:
Direct glue-down for standard settings.
Peel-and-stick systems for ultimate installation speed and economy
Convenient attached commercial cushion, for the comfort of premium padding, with one-step installation.

Our associates will ensure your vision for your installation is achieved.
Our in-house highly skilled craftsman with over 25 years of experience in all
aspects of flooring will ensure your installation will be done correctly the first time.